8-1-11: Oh no, it's already August!!

6-30-11: Tomorrow is July, whaaat?? Click below to download your very own July calendar page, featuring a couple tanuki friends. If you're not familiar with the wonders of tanuki, I highly recommend doing some wikipedia research.

download July pdf

And ack!, looks like I haven't posted any major or minor "updates" since last month, oops! Sorry loyal fans, if you're out there in the internets. I guess I just have a couple things to say: 1. You did realize I've been posting every week on this website, right? 2. I realized this website looks like crap on Internet Explorer. Maybe you should download another browser (and don't they realize the "Internet" should be plural?). The end.

5-31-11: Tomorrow is Juuune!

download June pdf

5-26-11: Oops, I haven't been keeping you updated on Tampon Friends. Here's today's Secret Admirer, and also Epic Naptime Lifestyle, FEED ME, Burp, Nutsy’s Daydream, and Dieting with Nutsy.

5-1-11: MAY, featuring Nutsy the Squirrel!

download May pdf

4-14-11: What now?

4-7-11: Video games think I'm ugly!

4-1-11: It's April, fools,

download April pdf

3-31-11: Nursing new addictions in this week's Tampon Friends

3-26-11: Lost & Found Tampon Friends!

3-23-11: Suddenly it's cherry blossom season!

Here's last year's coloring contest from our sock puppet picnic extravaganza, なつかしい! I would have a picnic under the sakura trees on my street (back in the U.S.), but I would probably get arrested for merrymaking in public. So it goes... Love to Japan, xoxo

3-19-11: Don't forget your Tampon Friends!

3-10-11: Oops, I forgot to tell you about last week's Tampon Friends! And now today's Tampon Friends, about an issue many people are embarrassed to talk about (I'm here for you!).


download March pdf

2-26-11: Brutish & Short has Tampon Friends!

2-24-11: What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Was it a FUN??

What did you have for breakfast this morning? download January pdf download Feb pdf

By request... my 2011 calendar is coming in monthly installments to an internets near you. Click on the above thumbnails to download your very own calendar page pdf! If you didn't receive a paper copy, now's your chance to think about eating fun all month every month. Yes, we have a bit of catching up to do, but from now on expect a more timely calendar page update. Have fun, and don't forget to share with your friends!

2-23-11: I need to get better at breakfast!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Grampa (if you don't know him, it's too bad for you) has been toting this poster around the states for years. I was lucky to encounter it again in Brooklyn, and what a joy to see these familiar faces, unsmiling and judging me for my dietary habits. Sorry kids, I didn't have breakfast again this morning. Maybe tomorrow...

2-22-11: Hello friends! The news is I'm starting the N E W S. Think of this as a test run... more later, xoxo

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